Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Two brooks

Choices for you. Choices for your family. Choices for your neighborhood.
Take your pick...

Photo on right taken of Beaver Dam Brook showing oil film, sludge, debris blocked
at the 2nd Street crossing (off Waverly Street)

Letter sent to Zoning Board of Appeals for tonight's ZBA meeting:

Members of the Zoning Board of Appeal,

Congratulations from the auto junk yards, auto repair, radiator repair, auto storage, auto paint shops, used car dealers for work well done. You have allowed us to make this part of Framingham a welcome door for us to do as we please. With many thanks from landscape businesses, mulch, stockpile and junk yards. You have allowed no limit to the number of businesses such as ours.

Yeah, so what if there's contamination complaints from the Environmental Justice community. As long as it is business as usual for us.

With your help, the sky's the limit. For the rest of the community, our legacy is below their feet.