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> "History of Framingham, 1640 to 1880" by J.H. Temple, 1887
> "A History of Framingham, Massachusetts" by William Barry, 1847
> "A Sketch of the History of Framingham" by William Ballard, 1827
> "Memorial of the Bi-Centennial Celebration of the Incorporation of the Town of Framingham, Massachusetts" 1900
Celebrating Framingham's 200th anniversary,
Military, Civic and Trades Procession, June 13, 1900

> "Town of Framingham, past and present, progress and prosperity" by J.H. Burgess, 1906
W.C. Snow Carriages, 88 Irving Street, South Framingham

> "Leading Businessmen ... of Framingham" by George Fox Bacon, 1890
> "History of the First Sabbath School in Framingham from 1816 to 1868" by J.H. Temple, 1868
> "Framingham" by Laurie Evans-Daly, David C. Gordon, Framingham Historical Society
> "The Howe Family Gathering at Harmony Grove, August 31, 1871" by Elias Nason, 1871
> "1700-1900 - The Story of a Church for two centuries” Sermon by Calvin Stebbins, June 10, 1900
> The Genealogy of the Descendants of Richard Haven" by Josiah Adams, 1843
> "Household Arts" Teachers' manual and course of study for grades 7 to 10" by the Massachusetts Board of Education, 1916  
> "Memorial of the Quarter-Centennial Celebration of the Establishment of Normal Schools in America" July 1, 1864
> "Framingham Nurseries" by Framingham Nurseries, 1919
> "Beautiful Home Surroundings" by Framingham Nurseries, 1921
> "Seventy-five Years, 1844-1919" Dennison Manufacturing Company, 1920, Commemorating the seventy-fifth anniversary of the founding of the Dennison Manufacturing Company

 > "How to Make Paper Costumes" by Dennison Manufacturing Co.

> "Dennison's Gala Book" Decorations and costume suggestions for the holidays, by Dennison Manufacturing Co. 

> "Dennison's Christmas Book" Suggestions for Christmas, New Years and Twelfth Night Parties, by Dennison Manufacturing Co.