Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Blight in Downtown Framingham

Howard Street is considered part of Downtown Framingham. It is the east-west axis from Farm Pond to Bishop Street in the Central Business District. The street is an area where filth and contamination appear to be ignored by the Town. There is no enforcement. Owners are disrespectful of the property and others who live in the area. These businesses are along the train tracks and encroach on CSX property to store car hulks, parts and waste products. Like the auto businesses along the east end of Waverly Street, they also use the Town's sidewalks and streets as an extension of their facilities. They don't care. Lack of effective enforcement and fines sends the message that they can do whatever they want.

The town departments speak about "gateways" into Downtown. There are other gateways such as the dreadful businesses on the east end of Waverly Street, those along Frankin Street and route 126. The welcome mat is out, "Come to Framingham and we'll let you pollute and do whatever you please."

While blight and contamination continue and enforcement and strong fines are non-existant, there will never be any success to revitalize the Downtown.

Auto related business on Howard Street have encroached on CSX property and use the area as a junkyard.

This is an example of auto businesses on Howard Street using Town sidewalks and streets as an extension of their business. How compliant are these businesses properly storing and disposing petroleum products and chemicals? Recent Town by-laws require all businesses that have floor drains be permanently sealed.

Owner of businesses at 243 Howard Street will be appearing at the October Zoning Board of Appeals Meeting to request approval for additional types of businesses including auto paint shop. Encroachment in rear on CSX property storing trash and unregistered vehicles, permanent parking along sidewalk are some of the numerous blight and code violations presently on sight. Inspection of property should be made by the Town. Town Bylaws require that floor drains be permanently sealed.