Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Encroachment continues to other sites

The previous article about blight included encroachment by automobile related business along Howard Street. These businesses use the CSX property directly behind their buildings as if it were their own to use and destroy. They also use the sidewalk as theirs to store vehicles or do repairs. It happens along Waverly Street and many other locations also. It happens along the 350 Irving Street property.

Landscape Depot has encroached on an abandoned train line along the left side of the Eversource property. The area marked in purple indicates the portion they have illegally developed. The photographs below hat they have done.

Landscape Depot has also encroached on Town property marked in orange. It is the sidewalk.

Images above show encroachment into an abandoned train line (see map above shown in purple). You will see excavation of train property in June 2009 and what the same area looks like completed.