Friday, August 10, 2012

Elizabeth Warren daughter secretly behind effort by Mass to register 500k welfare recipients

 Do we have people on public assistance in the MetroWest Area? Maybe not, because there has been no interest in reporting that the Department of Transitional Assistance sent voting registration forms to 478,000 individuals on public assistance last month. Both the "Herald" and the "Boston Globe" have covered the story. The mailing was done to comply with a lawsuit brought about, among others, by Demos, a George-Soros funded group lead by Amelia Warren Tyagi, the daughter of Elizabeth Warren — who happens to be running against Senator Scott Brown. Brown (R-MA), to put it mildly, is upset that taxpayers’ dollars have been used to promote voting by those who are dependent on government. He has no reason to protest that the poor will be voting. Those who are trying to change our democracy into a parasitocracy are doing so fair and square.  - By Nick Sanchez

The news broke August 8 that Massachusetts has taken extraordinary efforts in response to a lawsuit by a former ACORN affiliated, Soros-funded group to register 500,000 welfare recipients to vote (who would have thought there were that many people on welfare considering Mass has only 6.5 million residents).

Republicans cried foul, as this was a transparent attempt to register Warren’s base, while no similar efforts were made to register voters who might be more favorably inclined towards Brown.
Rob Eno of Red Mass Group, however, took the story to an entirely new level by discovering that the group in question is run by Elizabeth Warren’s daughter:

"Elizabeth Warren’s daughter Amelia Warren Tyagi is leaving nothing to chance in the 2012 election for her mother.  Warren Tyagi, the chair of the George Soros funded Demos Foundation, has bankrolled, through Demos, former members of ACORN in their pursuit to have the Commonwealth’s welfare agency perform a voter registration drive.  The Boston Herald has the story, although they missed the Warren familial connection….

The article goes on to show that NEU4J was aided financially in this effort by Warren Tyagi’s organization Demos.

"NEU4J worked in concert with Demos, a liberal group leading a national charge to enroll welfare recipients. Demos – which was started in the 1990s and lists Barack Obama on its founding board of directors – has sued nine states, including the battlegrounds of Ohio, Pennsylvania and Nevada, according to Demos lawyer Lisa Danetz.Cases are still pending in Nevada, Pennsylvania and Louisiana, which is fighting the suit. Settlements have been reached in Ohio, Missouri, New Mexico, Indiana and Georgia. Meanwhile, North Carolina, Virginia, Colorado and Mississippi have all agreed to comply without being sued.

So Elizabeth Warren’s daughter is using the power of the Commonwealth to register voters for her mother.

The Herald now is on the connection, as is the Brown Campaign, Brown blasts welfare vote group chaired by Warren’s daughter

“I want every legal vote to count, but it’s outrageous to use taxpayer dollars to register welfare recipients as part of a special effort to boost one political party over another,” Brown said in a statement this morning. “This effort to sign up welfare recipients is being aided by Elizabeth Warren’s daughter and it’s clearly designed to benefit her mother’s political campaign. It means that I’m going to have to work that much harder to get out my pro-jobs, pro-free enterprise message.”

Expect the Warren campaign to spin this as Scott Brown hating welfare recipients.

No, it’s about Elizabeth Warren once again rigging the system for her own benefit.

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