Thursday, October 26, 2017

Hot air phrases in the run for Mayor

(click on photo to enlarge)

"... clearing the channels of communication and closing the feedback loop"
".... will lead Framingham through the process and facilitate meaningful participation"

"... preserve and protect the wealth of open spaces"

What do phrases like these mean to impoverished families who live among pollution and blight? How do these words improve the lives of children who have no place in their neighborhood to play as illustrated in the photo?

It is my opinion that the phrases in Ms. Spicer's 36-page Platform do not speak in specifics but use hot air rhetoric. Read them for yourself. The phrases on the balloon and many more from her report appear meaningless to me. There is nothing concrete that I could find in her Platform. It disturbs me that her Platform does not acknowledge or address any of the specific issues exclusive to Southside. Nothing is mentioned about the sad conditions where underprivileged people live nor the stifling environment of children who pass by blight and contamination every day.

I selected some of the "lofty" phrases from Ms. Spicer's Platform and placed them on a hot air balloon hovering - in stark contrast - over an actual contaminated site on Waverly Street which represents the typical, deplorable conditions in this Environmental Justice neighborhood. The juxtaposition of her "flowery" rhetoric on the hot air balloon against the horrible conditions of the people and condition that she had failed to address is disturbing.

The illustration expresses my feelings in a way that I am unable to say in words.

Sunday, October 8, 2017