Saturday, May 23, 2015

Memorial Day: honoring the men and women who died while serving in the U.S. military
Framingham will begin its Memorial Day observances at 11 a.m. Monday, May 25, with a program on the steps of the Memorial Building, 150 Concord Street, according to an announcement on the town’s website. On the agenda is the presentation of medals to the families of three late World War II veterans, Bernard Sullivan, Wilfred Mitchel, and Francis Moran; the latter two were killed in action while flying combat missions over Italy. Guest speakers will include state Representative Katherine Clark, and two Army captains, Douglas and Alissa Morrison.

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Parents speak about the need for a safe dedicated skatepark

Jayden of Nobscott with mother and sister
From Heather Bachman ...
     "I am so encouraged to read that the need for a skate park in Framingham is a budding conversation! I live in Nobscott, and have a 12 (well, nearly 13) year old skateboarding son. He began skating when we lived in Atlanta at 4 years old. There were many, lovely public skate parks which we used to enjoy going to on the week ends along with a picnic. It became something of a "family" outing ritual. I loved seeing older kids helping him learn to skate and the "etiquette" of skating. It was also a wonderful opportunity to meet other parents, and enjoy conversation while our children of all ages, races and genders were being active!

My son, Jayden has now gotten a few of his friends here interested in skating and ironically just came to me last Friday to inform me that they want to do what's necessary to fund-raise monies to build a park here in Framingham. They had the thought of the former grocery in Nobscott plaza being transformed into an indoor park. They did have a point of utilizing "dead" space.

I would be happy to be involved in spearheading an effort to make, what sounds to be, many of our young residents dreams a reality. Anyone care to join?"

From  Katherine Lopez ...
Samuel, a young skateboarder
and student at Cameron School
"I recently became aware that there is a movement to have a Skatepark in Framingham. As a parent of an eleven year-old boarder, I was thrilled and eager to help this idea become a reality. As a skateboarder in Framingham, it is hard to practice your craft (die-hard skateboarders will say it is an art as well as an emerging sport) when there are no safe arenas to do so. For me to support my son in his endeavors, we must travel at least one-half hour to Acton, Hopkinton, Hudson, Sherborn or Waltham to find an outdoor park. This takes time and money (gasoline, food and drink for the boarder) that we would prefer to put into OUR community.

My son is not a football, soccer, basketball or baseball player. I have no doubt he could be good at any of these as he is a wonderful athlete. He chooses,