Wednesday, September 23, 2015

A bit of Framingham History solved

In a previous posting last week, I asked: How are the pictures of a horse and wagon related to the TD Bank at the Framingham Center Common?

Answer: The center portion of the building (above) with the four columns was once the C. Masterman and Son Framingham Market. The building however was originally located in another part of Framingham Center on Main Street on the other side of route nine. It was moved in 1968 and became the present TD Bank on Auburn Street.

Filmore "Hunter" Masterman
In 1900, Chesman Masterman founded the C. Masterman and Son Market. It was a butcher shop and grocery store. A horse-drawn wagon was used for deliveries.  His son, Filmore, worked there and eventually took over until his retirement when it was sold..

The C. Masterson and Son Framingham Market.
Poor deer, they must have strayed away from Callahan State Park!

The building was moved in December 1968 to allow for an underpass
at the intersection of Route 9 and Edgell Road..

The once C. Masterman and Son Framingham Market building is being moved
to a new location at 25 Auburn Street and used as the present TD Bank.
House on the right was the Increase Sumner Wheeler House.

More information and pictures about the Masterman family to come. 
Please stop back!

The Masterman family home at 39 Main Street