Sunday, September 14, 2014

Cedar Woods Walking Trail in Southside

Concept for Cedar Woods Walking Trails from Cypress Street to Waverly Street.
A project of the Conservation Commission.

     Cedar Woods (aka Cedar Swamp) is a 16 acre wetland located between Waverly Street and Cypress Street.  It is graced with streams, majestic deciduous and evergreen trees, ferns, Concord grapes, hydrangeas and lush moss.  It is a natural habitat for numerous birds including wild turkeys.  Deer have been sighted over the years.
    This summer the Framingham Conservation Department worked diligently with the DPW to bring this great natural resource back to the Southside. They made an exhaustive start by cleaning a vast amount of debris from this conservation land, followed by clearing and evaluating potential walking paths. They are to be complimented for their exemplary service to Framingham’s residents.
    Future plans will include extending the walking paths from Cedar Woods north to Farm Pond and south to Waushakum Beach.
    We look forward to its full restoration.

Large hydrangea along the path. Most likely a gardener had dumped scrap cuttings in the wetlands long ago.
Judith Grove, Precinct 15 Chair, at very old Willow tree. Trunk is approximately five feet in diameter.
Abandoned truck and other stored vehicles on Town-owned wetlands area near Waverly Street.