Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Promising news for a skatepark

At last night's meeting of the Standing Committee on Ways and Means, Judith Grove, Town Meeting member, Precinct 15 Chair and a member of Ways and Means, presented a Town Meeting Article of the Skatepark.  The slide presentation provided a great amount of researched information and statistics. Mrs. Grove expects the Skatepark to cost $350,000 with the Town providing $175,000 and Framingham Skateboard Committee raising $175,000.

When a question arose about Liability, the Chair of Ways & Means replied that he personally checked with Town Counsel and was told that the Skatepark will be covered at no additional expense to the Town under its liability insurance. This was excellent news.

Young skateboarders and members of the Framingham Skatepark Committee
 presented the Skatepark Article to the Board of Selectmen on March 17, 2015. 
 The BOS complemented how well spoken and polite the skateboarders
were when they spoke at two of their meetings.

Locating a skatepark on the abandoned Barbieri tennis courts adjacent to Cushing Park was enthusiastically received.

The Ways and Means Committee proposed and voted for an amendment to Article 26  asking  for the full $350,000, and not requiring the skateboarders  to do fund raising.  There is a solid chance of receiving grant money as well and this avenue will be pursued.  This could reduce the town’s share of the cost.

The result of the vote of the Standing Committee on Ways and Means was YES for the skatepark (10), Abstentions (2), Against (1). Several members said they would speak in support of a skatepark at Town Meeting.

This is encouraging news for all the skateboarder enthusiasts.