Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Flashback to a health issue

July 2, 2011: Business owner says messy conditions don't affect the quality of his work. The mess, he said, doesn't get in the way of him making a good product. What was it that caused an uproar?

Health inspectors in Framingham say the conditions they found at a makeshift denture lab in a downtown warehouse are not only unsanitary, but revolting. Despite that, the town and state are powerless to shut down the business. Licenses aren't required for such laboratories; that means no regulatory oversight.

The owner was making and handling dentures amid piles of trash, discarded food, materials and debris. Inspectors watched him perform intricate work in the small industrial space near broken egg shells and orange peels. There was water damage, and mold growing on the wall.

Inspectors learned owner was working directly with patients, and also filling prescriptions for fitted dentures sent in by dentists in Newton, Wellesley and Waltham.

The mess, he said, doesn't get in the way of him making a good product.  "It's unrealistic to expect a perfectly clean work environment." Owner said he uses chemicals on the dentures that kill bacteria.

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