Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Is Framingham Headed for Disaster?

Comments by Deborah Butler, TMM Precinct 7 

Eurie A. Stamps, Sr.
Listening to the plans for discretionary construction projects, as they are described to the Board of Selectmen and various committees, gives me an uncomfortable feeling like we’re arranging chairs on the Titanic! While I’m not advocating austerity budgeting I wonder if the Estate of Eurie A. Stamps, Sr. v. Town of Framingham case in Federal Court could leave the Town reeling to the likes of which we haven’t seen since the $1M SMOC settlement. Attached (below) is Judge Saylor’s summary judgment memorandum and order affirming two of the ten counts in the original complaint that causes me this angst. I’ve yet to hear a word from the CFO or Town Manager about the wisdom of curbing multi-million dollar projects such as Loring Arena and the Athenaeum until the Stamps case is resolved and the financial implications, if any, are known. Given the $1.6M gap in the school budget and a pending tax override vote can we really afford to continue down this path?
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