Sunday, October 6, 2013

NO to CVS at Concord and Hartford Streets

Hartford and Concord Street intersection at proposed CVS site showing long backup of vehicles

Concord Street traffic northward from Hartford Street to Courthouse
Traffic on Concord Street north of Hartford Street
The above photo is very similar to the design proposed for Concord Street. This style may be more appropriate for shopping areas or highways than the neighborhood quality of Concord Street. The "box" effect is massive and over-scaled for the area. People in homes behind the proposed store will view what will appear as a 27' high wall extending across the property.
CVS store on Route 20 in Wayland. Unlike the "box" design proposed on Concord Street in Framingham, the design of the Wayland building is more thoughtful and sensitive. The columns, gables, dormers and many windows break up the overall mass which appears lower than it is. Why wasn't this design considered for Framingham?

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