Wednesday, October 16, 2013

A horse pasture in Southside?

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Camp DiCarlo at corner of Irving/Western and Leland Streets.
An idyllic setting in contrast with the commercial and
industrial (mis)uses in Southside.

    Camp DiCarlo, 65 acres on Merchants Row owned by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, is home of the National Lancers. The organization is a volunteer troupe of Militia cavalry with a long and distinguished history. The Lancers were organized on October 31, 1836. While the ostensible reason to organize the National Lancers was as the governors mounted ceremonial escort, the Lancers were also charged with enforcing the law and defending the Commonwealth from invasion and insurrection. The units designation reflects its organization as light cavalry equipped and uniformed similarly to British and Polish lancers.

With over 175 years of service, the National Lancers of today hold the same values of its founders and continues its traditions. The Lancers have fought in two wars and carry 17 campaign streamers on its colors which attest to the duty, courage and honor of the units forbears. These ideals have been woven into the modern-day Lancer. The Lancers participate in dozens of parades, ceremonies and honor guard details every year.

National Lancers parading at Cushing Memorial Park for Patriots Day, March 23, 2013