Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Toxic Pollution Getting You Down? Here's One Way To Fight Back

Framingham has more urgent toxic action problems than current staff can add to its already full plate, according to Mike Hugo, Public Health Director.

He repeatedly made that case at the recent Special Town Meeting, when the latter voted down an article and motion that were regarded as far too vague in its call for action by Framingham officials.

The language for both, and the background information, were spelled out in the September 10th Warrant and on Xtra Xtra.

Given Framingham's acute financial dilemma, The Toxics Action Center contacted Xtra Xtra with a recommendation as to how local community groups could work on these problems in conjunction with the Board of Health.

Sylvia Broude, Executive Director of the Center sent the following Xtra the following advisory regarding in-depth training programs it provides to local community groups fighting major environmental problems.

She leads off saying, "In reality, we know politics is much messier, and it takes more than the right facts and data to get our voices heard and stand up to big polluters.

Over our 25-year history, we've learned that most environmental problems are political problems. To ensure clean air, clean water, and healthy communities for our children, it takes organized citizen pressure and civic engagement. That's why I wanted to share with you our new community organizing guides. We've updated them for our 25th anniversary this year.

From developing a strategic plant to holding a press conference to fundraising, these guidebooks walk through the steps to planning a winning campaign. We've designed these guides to be useful if you're fighting a polluter in town, working to make your community more sustainable, holding a fundraiser for your local school, and more.

Our team of community organizers is always available to travel out to meet with you and your neighbors and facilitate these trainings in person. If you have questions, want advice on your local effort, or need help with a pollution problem in your town, I urge you to get in touch..."

Broude added that one can see the results of trainings here:

The email address for the Center is