Wednesday, September 26, 2012

$1.7 Million Surplus ... return to Taxpayers

by Francis X. Reilly

     Is it a case of Crocodile Tears or Real Concerns?  Framingham’s voters are about to learn what both the Framingham: Executive Branch (the Board of Selectmen (BoS) and/or the Legislative Branch (Town Meeting) were giving the voters just 9 months ago.   We all heard the BoS Meetings and the promises at the following Town Meeting and in the press and on Frambors.

     Were these;   1) Real concerns or Crocodile tears?   2) Politician promises never to be kept or Statesman’s guarantees which will be done now?

Over, and over we heard the Board of Selectmen say, "If only they could do something but the Assessor and Town Counsel said nothing could be done."   Remember there were those who said we could help the Residential Taxpayers out in 2013FY billing, but they said no, now the CFO say’s yes we can but she doesn’t want to do all they can or should do.

     Once again they play with words; this is a $1.7 Million Dollar surplus.  It’s the amount they figure was overbilled in 2012FY which they expect the State to certify.   This money belongs to the Taxpayers who were ripe-off in the massive mistake of 2012, not those who received the benefits and profited the profits in 2012 FY.  Fair is Fair.

    So many suffered so much last year, that it is inconceivable that they would be abused again.  an example of what you might receive if all the money is returned to both; the Single Family and Condo owner is on a assessed value of $300,000 one would get back in 2013 $300 to $600.   In other words the saving would be between $1 and $2 per thousand of assessment.

     Let’s unite call and/or, write your Selectman and your Town Meeting Members.