Monday, July 4, 2016

Once again: volatile mulch fires at 350 Irving Street

What Framingham citizens have to say 
about the July 4th mulch fire at Landscape Depot:

     Um...... I'm shocked. Really. Following best practices?
     And I thought they said they would behave from now on. - KG

     No.....not at all..... ...this is a direct indication why the ZBA should have denied the special permits for all the companies who were operating WITHOUT a legal permit for years.....All we will get is a protective defensive ring around the present government in Framingham and how great they are all doing. The Health department has the power to shut the site down....I want to hear more excuses from the Board of Selectmen and the BOH and any other board why this site is not shut down. - LK
NOTE: Is Landscape Depot a landscape business? Under Framingham laws, a landscape business is not allowed at 350 Irving Street.
Business owner of Landscape Depot states he does not have a landscape business. He goes further to say that his business is similar to Home Depot. They sell bags of mulch but Landscape Depot grinds questionable wood materials and manufactures what is described as safe Enviro-mulch. Readers: would you consider Landscape Depot a "landscape" business?

     Our firefighters don't need to be put in harms way by a business that does not seem to value their health and safety. The neighbors don't need to be exposed to smoke and the potential danger of fire spreading.
     With these fires seeming almost routine, how can this not be a safety hazard that can be addressed by the town in a meaningful way? - LD

     As was agreed, best practices required Landscape Depot to turn the mulch piles often enough to relieve any heat build-up? I don't see any attempt today to move the mulch piles. Who is responsible? Who should be held accountable? Is the Framingham Fire Department too passive. What exactly is their role? Does the Fire Department plan to fine Landscape Depot for Framingham Firefighters' s time, equipment, source of water? - GL

     Is anyone surprised by this? - AH

     Hey I thought ....the ZBA made such a great decision.....and its working all so great.......
why not just let the town burn down to protect the BOH and the ZBA and the BOS.....
     I mean everyone is just so happy and gay...with all the great decisions.....
lolol g-d what a joke.......
     The ONLY part of the government working is us...the Town meeting.......
Without us .....the fire department would be on that property every day of the year... - LK

     What are town officials waiting for? Does it take a serious injury to a firefighter for them to take action? What if a residence or other business has a fire while the Fire Department is wasting time and resources at Landscape Depot? Critical response time would surely be impacted. It's time to shut down this irresponsible business once and for all. - AJ

     The problem of the Town Government that seem to allow polluters such as the one at 350 Irving St IS NOT caused by Town Meeting, but rather the inadequate action on the part of the Executive and Judicial Branch of the Town Government. What about the conditions imposed by the ZBA onto Landscape Depot as part of getting the permit to operate? Is it one of those meaningless scribble or is it LAW to be ENFORCED? -  WL

     Landscape Depots permit to operate at 350 Irving Street will be coming up again for renewal in November I believe. This is your opportunity to go to the Zoning Board and express your wishes that they be closed down. It's time to wake up and smell the smoke. Don't let this flame go out. - RA

     No idea what the rationale is for allowing them to continue.
     When I went back and listened to the calls the fire dept employees commented on the height of the piles and that they hadn't been turned. (I thought that was suppose to be done daily - did they take the long weekend off?)
     The fire dept also commented on the smoke in the Beaver St neighborhood where many children reside.
     The heavy equipment on site was said not to be working.
     The fire dept seemed to be saying that this was stretching their ability to cover the rest of town.
     How is this not a health and safety risk to residents?
     Seems that something needs to change. - KV

Additional Landscape Depot photos taken July 4, 2016:

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