Saturday, November 7, 2015

Railroad Six Sports Bar - family restaurant or dive?

Hoodwinking the Board of Selectmen?

On January 25, 2011, The applicant Salvatore Bellone and his attorney, Anthony Buono, spoke before the Board of Selectmen to discuss the nature of the Railroad Six Sports Bar and Grill.

Attorney Buono: "Mr. Bellone's intent is to make the Happy Swallow (Railroad Six Sports Bar) a family-oriented restaurant. He (Salvatore Bellone) is quite the spiritual and religious, and he would really like to change the nature of the clientele and scope of the business to something that is more family-oriented... It is NOT our intent to make it anything other than a family-oriented restaurant."

(In closing): "We are not interested in attracting anything other than a family clientele. It's a complete break from the past  and I think that that is really important for this Board to understand: It's a complete break from the past."
Mr. Giombetti: "We will look forward to a family restaurant"