Thursday, June 11, 2015

Automatic Trash Collection

1. When will the new service start?
The new automatic trash collection service is scheduled to begin the week of Monday July 6, 2015.

2. How and when will the new refuse carts be distributed?
Our vendor, Cascade Cart will be responsible for the initial distribution of all carts to Framingham residents. We anticipate that distribution of the cart will take approximately four weeks. The carts will be distributed in the month of June, 2015. Residents are requested not to use their new refuse cart until their scheduled day of refuse collection during the week of July 6-10, 2015.

Although photos were taken December 2013, the trash situation is much the same today.
3. Why was the 96-gallon cart determined as the standard size for garbage?
The Town of Framingham currently allows residents to place three, 35-gallon containers of garbage at the curb each collection period. A 96-gallon cart maintains the current level of service. Although some households may not regularly generate that amount of garbage, there are times (Holidays, large purchases with excessive packaging, entertaining, etc.) when residents will need the full capacity of the 96-gallon cart. In order to be collected, all items must fit in the carts with the lid closed.

4. What are the benefits of using the new refuse carts for the collection of garbage?

The safety of our DPW workers is paramount. Refuse collectors will no longer need to exit the vehicle or lift heavy containers as the truck will have an automated claw. The new refuse carts, with critter-resistant hinged lids, will help ensure safer and cleaner neighborhoods

5. What kinds of garbage can I put in the automated garbage cart?

All household garbage items may be placed in the cart. Please do not place ashes, recyclable items, hazardous chemicals, medical waste, tires, paints, construction material, or yard waste in your refuse cart. It is recommended that garbage items be bagged and tied first, then placed in the roll cart. This practice will keep your container clear and minimize odors.

6. What do I do with my old trash can?

Residents are encouraged to keep their old trash cans for yard waste.

7. If I move, should I take my carts with me?

No. The trash and recycling carts are equipped with RFID chips and must remain at the address in which they were delivered.

8. How often will our refuse be picked up?

Refuse will continue to be collected once a week. Recycling will continue to be collected every other week.

9. Can I still use traditional plastic garbage bags?

You may still use traditional plastic garbage bags but they must be placed inside the cart. This is an automated pick up and everything must be in the refuse cart with the lid closed.

10. Can I place my recycling cart and refuse cart next to each other on my day of pick up?

There must be a three-foot space between each cart so that the automated arm can operate effectively.

11. I have difficulty maneuvering a 96-gallon cart. Do you have smaller sizes?

We have a limited number of 35-gallon carts for any resident that may have difficulty with the larger size. Please call (508) 532-6010 and speak with a customer service representative prior to April 1, 2015.

12. What if the cart needs repair?

Contact the Department of Public Works at 508.532.6001

13. What should I do with my old barrel or cart?

You may find your used barrel useful for other jobs around your home or you may want to dispose of them. We will collect your unwanted barrels and carts during your regular scheduled trash day the week of July 13-17, 2015