Sunday, March 29, 2015

Storm warnings loom for homeowners

Once again, elements of a "Perfect Storm" loom ahead for huge tax increases caused by unsubstantiated assessments in commercial property values as had happened in 2012.  A public information meeting will be held on Saturday, April 11th at Heritage House, Peloguin Room, 747 Water Street, beginning at 2 pm.

The Framingham Taxpayers Association is responding to neighborhood requests to hold another town-wide conference on assessing inequalities and what positive steps to correct them. This action was specified in the reports to the Board of Selectmen regarding the recommendations made by the Ad Hoc Committee and the consultant.

Since the Framingham Taxpayers Association will be providing research and insights on this issue. we believe it is more than fair to provide the administration with the opportunity to provide information on the results it has achieved as well as answer questions. In fact, the Town Manager and CFO were sent written invitations to be speakers and panelists. The FTPA chair, Enzo Rotatori, followed up with several calls to the Town Manager and CFO, but was repeatedly told that these parties were "in meetings" and could not reply. Since both of the above mentioned committees stressed the importance of transparency, availability of written records, end of special discounts, and cooperation with residences and businesses, we are gaining the impression that the FTPA is being "stonewalled".

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