Sunday, April 20, 2014

Rats, filth and disease go unchecked at Conigliaro Industries - the ugly side of recycling

     (April 20, 2014) One afternoon as I was driving over the Fountain Street Bridge, I was curious what might be behind the secretive plastic screening. What I observed was disturbing. There is an enormous number of rats running around the mattress materials to be recycled. There is a total lack of control to manage the enormous piles of rubbish, old mattresses, foam and other materials at this recycling center. The materials are soaked with the bodily fluids of vermin. How can Conigliaro Industries be allowed to continue such a business near homes and areas adjacent to Cushing Park? The owners don't appear to be responsible neighbors. What has the town done to inspect the property over the years?
    The photos taken that day are illustrated further down this article. Conigliaro Industries is reported to be owned by the same families who owned the now bankrupt New England Compounding Center (see news information at end of article).

Conigliaro Industries, See Company website by clicking this caption.

     For enlarged video:

     How long are the mattress and foam materials stored outside before being shredded? Where do these mattresses, foam, soft materials go? Who accepts these materials for recycling? Do these materials end up as "new" mattresses and bedding materials? What companies purchase the materials from this recycler? Would you buy bedding products knowing materials came from this recycling business?

Along the State train lines are large concrete blocks stacked over 10' as wall to contain as much debris as possible. Are these walls permitted by the Town? Note spillage onto CSX property.

Examples of the rats scurrying through bedding material. Hundreds of rats hide among the debris and run out on sidewalk. Read Conigliaro Industries' pamphlet regarding processing mattresses for recycling by clicking on this caption.

Materials stockpiled by 10' + concrete blocks walls along the train line. Is this permitted? Why haven't authorities inspected this site?

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Would you want your children on a field trip to this recycling business?

New England Compounding Center: read about Conigliaro Industries' other business now closed permanently:
Boston Globe (January 22, 2013): Owners drew $16m from pharmacy tied to deaths
Boston Globe (December 21, 2013): $100 million agreement close in meningitis outbreak case
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Rats spotted outside fenced area and on sidewalk

Aerial view of Conigliaro Industries and New England Compounding Center

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