Sunday, January 1, 2006

Living in Brighton on Perthshire Road

Boston Back Bay

Arthur's Shoe Craft at 90A Mass Avenue was in business at the time photo was taken.
Store not in view but was located at far right just beyond the edge of the photo.

Fenway Theatre, located on right, offered double feature with news clips and cartoons for 35 cents. I would think of some reason to go to the movies on Saturday to avoid having to work at the store and shine shoes.

Mechanics Hall on Huntington Avenue was a place for exhibitions. Now the Prudential Center.

Downtown Boston

Park Station in downtown Boston.

Famous shopping intersection in Downtown Boston: Filene's Basement, Jordan Marsh,
Gilchrist and Kennedy's. I remember arriving early in the morning before stores
opened to be one of the first customers to enter first day of Filene's Basement sale.
When the doors opened, the crowds would rush in.