Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Showdown at the ZBA

FramGov letter from William LaBarge, Southside

Tonight, starting 7PM in the Blumer Room will show us the moment of truth!!!!!!!!!
Whether Eversource will be allowed to continue to disregard the Town bylaws without consequences or if the ZBA along with the Building Commissioner will deny the applications at 350 Irving St and issue 2 orders: Decease and desist order and the order to vacate. We will see if the Town Bylaws are rules made to be broken or if the Town will stand up to Big Bad Power Company who continue to put people in danger in the process of violating Town Bylaws, just in order to make money by renting to anyone who has the money to pay the rent...

I know... Eversource is a much larger organization than the Framingham Town Government and can practically outspend the Town Government...

...If the ZBA should just simply roll over by capitulating to Eversource, then the ZBA will be sending the message that
Framingham is the capital of capitulation to corporate greed!!
I rather that Framingham be known as the Medical Marjuana Capital ... at least by being the Medical Marjuana Capital, many patients in the Metro West area will have much easier access to medicine that most of the patients will swear by...
I suspect that Eversource drug-test applicants for employment and drug-test employees for one OFFICIAL reason: They do not want their employees to test positive for certain lass of substances... but yet, Eversource do not mind subjecting the public and visitors to 350 Irving St to be exposed to substances that are known to be toxic to human beings...

...I believe there is a word for this: Hypocracy on the part of Eversource!!

Eversource can claim that drugs will adversely affect the performance of their employees... but what about the toxin that comes from 350 Irving St? Doesn't Eversource take responsibility for causing people to get that toxin into their system because of negligence on the part of Eversource, who is the current owner of the property at 350 Irving Street?

William LaBarge, a frequent contributor at the Zoning Board of Appeals
 Again, tonight is the MOMENT OF TRUTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Will the ZBA tell Eversource that our Town Bylaws are rules made to be broken?
Will the ZBA tell Eversource that rules apply only to the little people and not big people like Eversource?
Will the ZBA do the only right thing and that is to deny the permits to all entity wishing to be on the site at 350 Irving St?

After all, NSTAR, now Eversource, promise to clean up 350 Irving St as part of the deal letting them skate by without paying the property tax for 350 Irving St. The site is still a dangerous mess. As far as I can see, the current owner has no intention of keeping the promise they made to the Town in regard to cleaning it up. How can anyone clean up that site with 50-70 percent of that real estate has stuff on it, ranging from motor vehicles to large stock piles? If this Town lets Eversource skate by without keeping their promise, then how can WE, THE PEOPLE, get environmental justice in this part of Town? The answer is WE CAN'T!!!!!!!

It's up to the ZBA to make the right decision on this issue and to make that decision TONIGHT without delay.

William LaBarge
Town Meeting Member, Precinct 16 Chair
I am speaking only for myself and not necessarily for anyone else