Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Renaming Mt. Wayte Plaza to Farm Pond Landing

     What's in a name? What mental image do you have when you hear these place names: “Mt. Wayte Plaza”, “Uptown” and “Farm Pond Landing”?
    Here is my point – Sam Adams, a California developer, plans to develop the barren Mt. Wayte Plaza into a mix of retail businesses, restaurants and office space.  Its current  name, Mt. Wayte has historical precedence but would not draw outsiders.  “Uptown” gives no clue to the site’s offerings. Farm Pond Landing is a fitting name for its proximity to Farm Pond..

Developer's plan to redesign Mt. Wayte Plaza with a new name "Uptown"
Idea for a new shopping area with connections to Farm Pond
Farm Pond Landing (aka Mt. Wayte Plaza) - a gateway of shops, businesses and apartments to Farm Pond and link to Downtown Framingham. Highlights of Farm Pond would be walking/biking paths and Ferry service connecting both areas of town. Additional activities at Farm Pond would make this area a destination for people and tourists in Greater Framingham. The Farm Pond waterbuses can be Boston's Swanboats - but on a grander scale.
     Farm Pond is a long over-looked outstanding natural resource in South Framingham.  The proposed shopping center is perfectly situated on the Pond. It is North of the Downtown, South of Framingham State University, East of Cushing Park, and West of Bowditch Field, four of Framingham’s prime assets.  Picture a “Farm Pond Landing” development of retail shops, offices and apartments with a restaurant over-looking the Pond.   Creating activities like walking on trails along the Pond or taking a ferry to the downtown would reduce the need for cars. It would also be in synergy with the 2013 Open Space and Recreation Plan whose purpose is to expand Framingham’s open space and recreational resources
     Combined with a new gateway to Farm Pond it could invigorate this part of town.  What would you find more enticing – “Let’s meet Uptown” or “Let’s Meet at Farm Pond Landing” or eventually at the “Landing”?

 -- George Lewis

A Museum of Fresh Water History would become a landmark building representing Framingham. Development of Farm Pond in Downtown Framingham should include year-round activities.